Friday, December 19, 2008


Bad delivery: A situation in which an invalid transaction has taken place as a result of faulty documentation and good title of ownership is not transferred. Bad delivery occurs where documents are not genuine, or where they are damaged or where the coupons attached to a bond or share certificate are not in order.

Balance: The net difference outstanding or to the credit of an account after all debits and credits have been accounted for.

Bank: A financial Institution which receives deposits from customers handles heir financial transactions and lends or invests the fund deposited with it.

Bench Mark: 1 A known point of reference against which characteristics may be measured. 2 A selected job against which others may be assessed.

Subject: Wear

Dear Sir,

May we introduce our company as a manufacturer and exporter of men’s wear and lady’s garments to many countries such as USA, Europe, Middle East, and to the South American Countries.

We are attaching herewith a colorful brochure illustrating our attractive latest design for men’s wear and lady’s garments. The design is more sophisticated and can attract more your customers, especially young generation. If there are any comments or suggestions about the design or anything about our company, please let us know it will be highly appreciated.

We do hope this first letter will lead us into a long and prosperous business relationship.

Awaiting your favorable reply and a definite inquiry.

Meanwhile, we remain.

Sincerely yours,


Bambang Sujana

Export Manager

Subject: Rattan Furniture

Dear Sir,

We are an exporter of rattan furniture and have exported rattan chairs to USA and Europe since few years ago. Now we are willing to export the same products to South Korea.

In this connection, we like to ask your kind assistance to inform us names and addresses of the rattan furniture’s importers in Korea.

Attached herewith the brochures of the said rattan chairs.

We look forward to the good news, for which we thank you

Your Respectfully,


Baihaki Hakim

Export Manager

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dictionary of Business Terms


Account: 1 To record financial transactions. 2 A statement showing amounts due from one party to another. 3 (On the Stock Exchange) the period between one settlement date and the next. 4 A customer or client. 5 An area of business assigned to an advertising agency by a customer.

Advance: 1 A sum of money lent in the form of a bank overdraft or simply a loan. 2 A part-payment for goods or services before the formal commencement or completion of the terms of a contract. 3 A part-payment to the supplier of goods upon receipt of the invoice or bill of lading, possibly before receipt of the goods.

Artisan: 1 One skilled in an industrial art; a craftsman or mechanic.

How to Monetize your Website

Making your website comfortable for buyer or costumer is an important thing to do, because they only visit your virtual market not the company of yours. The design of theme and preferred words influence your customer to have a visual description of your company. Also, the sitemap of your site can feel your customer free to navigate. If you have a website designer, tell him to make your website more dynamic using php coding rather than html. Usually it uses to make a daily update easier. After preparing everything, the first step to do is Building the theme. Say that your site is about “Garden”, the main idea is how to visualize this “Garden” for your website. Second, the layout of every products of your site must be placed properly. This is important because to make a different space between your products and descriptions. The last is user friendly navigate. User friendly means the customer don’t need to take a long time to learn how to look around using your site. When this three basic concept is implemented, you should take advantage in monetizing your Website.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Example for Correspondences Letter

Subject: Offering Consumptive Goods

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as a trading company which is dealing with the export marketing of the consumptive goods such as textile, garment, footwear, household appliances, kitchen wares etc.

We have regularly exported those products to many countries such an USA, Europe, and Japan. Now we are willing to export the same products to your country through your esteemed company.

We are sending herewith some selected brochure of our products that, according to our opinion, will have a good prospect in your market.

Your response will be highly appreciated.

We are waiting your definite inquiry for some of those products.

Meanwhile we remain.

Sincerely Yours,



Export Import Business Correspondences

A. Requirements of Message

Communicating your message through email needs some of these requirements:

  1. Clearness: your message should be clear in meaning.
  2. Accuracy: ensuring the accuracy of data and information, such like: the quantity, time etc.
  3. Grammaticality: grammatical correctness is needed to compose the correct message in a language.

B. Layout and Design

On email marketing Layout and design has specific characteristic, it doesn’t same with conventional letters.

  1. Greeting: use formal sentence for greeting such as Dear Sir,
  2. Opening sentence: use the simple wise opening sentence (formal) ex. We are glad to inform you about my industry of……
  3. Body sentence: use this part for specifying your products. Ex. Allow me to introduce our brand new …..
  4. Closing sentence: in this part, make a formal closing letter such as: please don’t hesitate to contact me..


Dear Sir,

We are glad to inform you about our cooperative which is known as a long experienced handicrafts producers made out form hard wood, ceramic and others for export.

We are attaching herewith our colorful picture featuring our products.

We trust this product will meet your requirements and do do hope you will place a trial order for some of these products.

We look forward to your definite inquiry and value order.

In the meantime, we remain your reply.

Sincerely yours,